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Newsletter Archive

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Dues are due! Election of directors; Big Buck, Wild Game Dinner

Trap price increase; Fall Craft Show; MCCC Banquet

Mexican Fiesta Dinner May 7; Spring Campout Weekend May 20-22; Steak Roast April 30; CPL Class in June

2022 Dues are due, election of officers, Wild Game Dinner 2022!

Help needed for N-SSA Event 9/11-13; Gun a Day Raffle; CPL Class 9/26

2023 Nomination of Officers; Dues for 2023; December Steak Roast; Wild Game Dinner

Hunter Safety Course, Campout Weekend, N-SSA Event, & more

30-3D shoot April 10; Steak Roast April 30 (note the date change); Indoor Archery winners

Nomination of officers for 2022; Dues are Due; Wild Game Dinner; 2022 Indoor Archery

Please read the notice to the membership; help is needed for N-SSA event; Fall Campout weekend!

Gun-A-Day, Big Buck Contest, Wild Game Dinner in January

No July Membership or Director meeting, no Steak Roast, Rifle Range Work Party, Hunters Safety

Passing of Earl Stone, St Patrick's Day Dinner, Chili Cook Off Results

Steak roast is 11/6; Indoor Archery for '22; Big Buck; Deer Rifle Sight in

Help is needed for the North-South Skirmish event in August.

Oktoberfest Dinner! Oct 8th Steak Roast Cancelled; Deer Rifle Sight In Dates

CPL Class, No Steak Roast in June/July, Hunters Safety Class

Feb Steak Roast canceled, Chili Cook Off, Big Buck results, Pig Hunt

16th Annual Octoberfest, Deer Rifle Sight-In, Big Buck Contest

The spring campout weekend had 40+ people in attendance! The Mexican Fiesta sold 52 dinners

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