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Military Shoots

Vintage pre-1960 military rifles, and an iron-sighted pistol.

2nd Saturday of the month, all year at 5:00 pm
• 4:00 pm December, 4:30 pm in January
• Steak Roast follows this match!

Military Shoots
Vintage pre-1960 military rifles.

Dig those old shooters out of the closet. We are looking for the old oddball that Grampa brought home from the war or the garage sale find!

  • 5 Shots from any stock, iron sighted pistol at 25 yards

  • 10 Shots offhand from iron sighted rifles from 50 yards

  • 10 Shots offhand at 100 yards

Traditional class: no sling, shooting coat or shooting gloves allowed.

K.I.S.S.* and having fun and safe are the primary rules.

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