Maybee Sportsman Club EST. 1953   

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We are a private members only gun club established in 1953, we located on 40 acres outside the small town of Maybee, Michigan.  Our club offers a variety of outdoor sports such as trap, indoor and outdoor archery, 3D Archery course, sporting clay course and rifle and pistol range and throughout the year we offer many different dinners and events.

Club house 10am-9pm
Rifle Range: 10am-8pm
Open Trap: Sundays 10am-1pm  Wednesdays 4pm-6pm
Call for any questions (734)439-1353

This is a reminder to members and guests to respect the rules and respect your fellow members and the club


Club dues are due now! Cost is $80.00, plus $20.00 for every hour you did not work for 2018.  

                                                       Notice to the Membership

            Here is a notice to all Probationary and Active members of the Maybee Sportsman Club. We have had a major problem getting help from the membership for the dinners and work parties around the club. Probationary members are required to WORK 20 hours their first year of membership and to help with at least ONE dinner. If you DO NOT help with at least one dinner you will not be allowed to renew your membership. Jennifer has called people that said they would be there and they did not show up. Active members are required to work at least TEN of their TWENTY-HOUR obligation per year. We have had several dinners that you could have worked to meet your obligation but nobody showed up to help. Luckily for the club, many of the dinners had members that DID NOT NEED hours show up to help. Members need to step up and participate in activities to keep the Maybee Sportsman Club a first-rate club!


January 19, 2019

15th Annual Wild Game Dinner 

Doors open 5:30 pm with appetizers and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm

MUST bring your ticket to the door to get a door prize!

Tickets are $30.00 pre-sale, and $35.00 at the door.


We are doing 52 cards on our 7 guns this year to make your chances of winning better!

$10.00 per card for the following guns:

Smith & Weston 380
Ruger 9mm
Ruger American 270 long rifle

Ruger American 223 long rifle

$20.00 per card:

Smith & Weston AR 15
Golden Henry Boy 22 LR

Mossburg Patriot 450 with vortex scope

Remember to keep our club looking the best and being the best club we need your help! There is always something to do such as cleaning up outside, cleaning inside the club house, helping out with the many dinner and events we have! 

                                   This is everyone's club so why not lend a hand to help out!