Maybee Sportsman Club EST. 1953   

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January 2021 Newsletter

  • A Reminder to all members that there is “NO SMOKING” inside of the club. Anyone caught smoking will face disciplinary action before the board of Directors up to and including dismissal from the club.

  • There will be a club work party Saturday January 16th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please come out to help keep our club looking FIRST CLASS! Members are reminded that they can come out and work anytime to keep the club looking great. You do not have to wait for a work party to help clean up around the club.

  • Members are asked to please pick up your brass and deposit it in the buckets provided when you are done shooting on the rifle/pistol range. Leaving the brass on the ground creates a hazard for the people mowing!

  • Members are asked to please use the envelopes provided to pay for range use money. Also note how many rounds and what caliber you shot on the range.

  • ONLY CLUB MEMBERS MAY PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Our liquor license does not allow beer or liquor to be removed from the club grounds (NO ROADIES). Anyone caught removing beer or liquor from the club grounds will face disciplinary action before the board of Directors up to and including dismissal from the club.

  • When you come out to the club for any event, make sure you sign the membership book located inside of the back room of the club. The club by-laws require you as a member to sign the book at least 12 times per year. You agreed to obey the by-laws when you joined the club!

  • Please do not write on the club calendar or sign up for events without checking with the event committee chairman or club use chairman first.

Election of Officers for 2021

The elected officers for 2021 are: President: Art Bleau, Vice President: Dave Vincent, Secretary: Dennis Goodman, Treasurer: Marc Gramlich, Directors for a three year term: Jason Franzen, Doug Gilson, Travis Houpt. Director for a two year term to replace John Kessler: Allissa Weber.

Dues Are DUE for 2021!!!

Membership Dues are now due for 2021 and must be paid by January 31, 2021.  Dues are $80.00 plus $10.00 for each work hour that you “do not” have “STAMPED” by a Director, Club Officer, or Committee Chairperson, on your club membership card.  Lifetime members must pay $10.00 per year to receive the newsletter. When you pay your dues, you MUST present and surrender your membership card with your money. NO EXCEPTIONS! Dues may be paid at the January 21, 2021 membership meeting or by mail (see below). NEW MEMBERS cannot buy their hours in their first year of membership.  You MUST work your hours for the first year of membership AND host or help with at least one dinner or club event!  ACTIVE MEMBERS must work 10 of their 20-hour obligation. If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be allowed to renew your membership in the Maybee Sportsman Club. If you are putting your dues in the safe at the club, please include your original membership card (NO COPIES) and include the correct amount of money due in an envelope marked “2021 Dues” on the outside. Hours not worked are $10.00 per hour. To pay by mail include your original membership card (NO COPIES) along with the correct amount of money due (check or money order) and mail them to Larry Ewing, 15152 Cone Rd., Maybee, MI 48159. Please update your address, phone number, and email for the membership roster when you renew your membership.

Any member that has not worked their required hours can come before the board of Directors on January 21st at 6:30 PM and plead their case.

Varmint Shoot January 2nd      

The next Varmint Shoot will be held January 2nd. Sign in from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Center fire starts shooting @ 10:00 AM. Contact Keith Harriman @ 313-903-1694 or Dennis Sisung @ 586-206-0149 for more details.

Indoor Archery for 2021

Indoor archery for 2021 will start Sunday January 17th and Tuesday January 19nd. Shooting starts at 6:30 PM both nights. The cost will be $25.00 for members and $30.00 for non-members. Everyone will shoot as individual. No teams. The league will run for 10 weeks. Juniors 17 and under will shoot for free. For more information contact Scott Hicks at 734-735-9163.

Wild Game Dinner January 16, 2021

The Wild Game Dinner for 2021 has been put on hold due to the uncertainty of the governor’s mandates concerning the Covid-19 virus.

Steak Roast January 9th CANCELLED!

The January 9th steak roast has been cancelled due to our great [sic] governor extending the Covid-19 indoor dining ban until January 15th! The December 12th steak roast dinner was cancelled due to the mandate by the governor concerning Covid-19. Contact Dennis Williams @ 734-467-5282 if you wish to host or help with a steak roast.

MCCC Travel League 2021

The MCCC Travel Trap League will start on January 10th at the Ottawa Lake Sportsman Club from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Note the change in rotation for the league shoots! Here is the schedule for 2021: January 31st at Ottawa Lake Sportsman Club, February 21st at East Rockwood Sportsman Club, March 14th at Carleton Sportsman Club, April 25th at Brest Bay Sportsman Club, May 16th at Maybee Sportsman Club. Help is needed with this shoot. Come out to help and get your work hours in early for 2021! We normally have 150 to 160 shooters at this event, June 13th at Monroe Rod & Gun, June 20th at Century Gun Club, July 18th at Canvasback Gun Club, and August 22nd Shooting Directors meeting and shoot at Dundee Sportsman Club. The Lewis shoot and banquet will be held September 19th at Dundee Sportsman Club. Contact Art Bleau @ 734-730-9730 or Doug Gilson @ 734-645-5231 for more information.

1st Annual John Kessler Memorial Big Buck Contest

The Big Buck Contest will be renamed the John Kessler Memorial Big Buck Contest. Registration slips are in an envelope on the bulletin board at the club. We have 10 members registered so far for this year. The rules for this year are: Entry fee is $10.00 for bow deer and $10.00 for gun deer.  If you are going bow hunting, you MUST enter by October 1st for Archery and November 15th for deer gun. You must enter “BEFORE” you kill your deer (tags will be checked).  The deer must be a legal kill (NO ROAD KILL).  The deer may be taken from any state but must be a whitetail deer.  No deer from game ranches will be accepted. Antlers must be presented at the January Membership meeting for judging “NO EXCEPTIONS”. The antlers will be judged for the number of points and the largest outside spread.  The contest is open to “Club Members Only”.  There will be one prize for archery deer and one prize for gun deer and each award will be ¼ of the total entry money.

To enter, place your entry fee in an envelope. Put your name, the date, and the words “Big Buck Contest” on the outside of the envelope and place the envelope in the safe at the club or give it to a Director or club Officer.

Military Rifle Shoot January 9th  

The Saturday January 9th Military Rifle Shoot is at 4:00 PM. Contact Dennis Sisung @ 586-206-0149 for details. The fee for the Military Rifle Shoot is $5.00 for club members and $6.00 for non-members with prize money paid.  Any Pre-1960 Military Rifle is allowed.  The rifle used must be stock, open sights, and unmodified. We shoot 20 rounds of rifle and 5 rounds of handgun. The handgun must be stock with open sights and may be any caliber. Handgun is 5 shots @ 25 yards. Rifle is 10 rounds @ 50 yards and 10 rounds @ 100 yards on the rail or prone.

Pig Hunt in Ubly, Michigan February 26th 

DJ made a presentation for a hog hunt in Ubly, MI for February 26th, 27th, and 28th (located in the thumb 90 miles North of Detroit) The hunt will take place on February 27th (travel up and hunt). He has eight people signed up with two spots still open. Dinner will be provided. There is a $50.00 fee to stay overnight if you wish to travel home on February 28th. The cost is $425.00 for a Stoker meat hog or $600.00 for a Hogan trophy boar. DJ needs a $100.00 deposit if you are interested. He needs 10 people to have the grounds exclusive for the two days and have a free pig donated. Contact DJ at 734-558-0489 if you are interested in going or for more information.

Club Apparel

Club apparel is in the showcases!  See the club website for pricing on club apparel. Contact Martin Okkerse before 8:00 PM at 313-550-6214 or see him at the Membership meetings to order shirts, hats, jackets, or any other items that you may want embroidered with the club logo.

Sponsoring New Members

When you sponsor new members, remember the dues are $80.00 per year and an initiation fee of $100.00 (the $100.00 initiation fee has been waived until March 31st of 2021).  Make sure their money is included with their application and that the prospective new members know that they “MUST WORK” their hours the first year of membership. New members MUST HOST or help host a Steak Roast, Mexican fiesta, or Oktoberfest dinner or other club event their first year of membership.  If they do not host or help with a dinner their membership will not be renewed. Applicants for Probationary membership should show up at the meeting when they are being voted into the club or have a good reason why they can’t be there.

Newsletter and club use Information: E-mail Dennis Goodman at or call 734-586-3036 and leave a message.